How To Make Quick Money In One Day- (13 Reliable Methods)

How To Make Quick Money In One Day- (13 Reliable Methods)

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People think making money is a tough game altogether, however, if you understand your finance, you can easily make money. Financial literacy is important in terms of wealth creation. 

Generally, people have this thought, ‘No. of Hours they work=Salary’, but this is a trap, Market wants this type of people to have worked all their life. Author of Four-Hour Work Week’  Tim Ferriss said that ‘If we steal someone’s professional identity and then to their self-identity is strong, that means they’ve achieved real success’ .

In this article, we present 13 possible ways to add that extra money to your Bank Account via working both online and offline methods. 

13 Creative Ways To Earn More Money Within A Day

I.Be a Freelancer

Be a Freelancer and make money picture


Freelancing sites are the marketplace for individuals, who have expertise in any field. By sharping your strength, you can have a good side hustle income.  

You’ve to create an account, and now start learning new things on the internet. Learn how to place bids, how to make portfolios etc, you’ve to showcase your expertise to the industry.  

Then you can land your first client, the best part about this job is you can choose whom to work with or not. You’ve your own working hours, you can give it a try, it’s completely free.  

Our recommended freelance sites- UpworkFreelancer&Fiverr. 

II.Become a Tutor

Tutor explaining problems and solutions for math

Do you were good at any subjects in your school, or you’ve known some another language. You can monetize this skill; you can start your coaching classes or reach out to school in your community. 

Also, there are online communities like Tutor, which can help you to land your first gig. Go for it! 

III.Be a Photographer

Photographer Take Photo

InstagramWhats App, YouTube, and many others are filled with photos and videos there. In this time, we’ve seen an increase in the demands of photographers. This industry is flourishing like never before, it’s the best time to join this industry. 

You can learn this skill and do work in both the dynamics- online and offline. In online, you can sell your photographs on stock images websites like Shutterstock and others.  

And offline, you can do Instagram shoots, wedding shots, etc, And can earn up to a lot more you invested. And even you can give your cameras on rent an hourly basis, this will create a passive income for you. 

IV.Be a Baby-Sitter

baby sitter

You can earn a couple of extra bucks while doing baby-sitting, there are websites, like Care, which will help you to set time for baby-sitting. For example, you can set, your time for the night. 

Even your society and community member will appreciate it, as they want to have a trustworthy person. 

V.Roam around the city: Be an Uber Driver

Roam around the city: Be an Uber Driver

You’ve sometimes taken, the taxi service from uber, why not do a job for them. You can set your timings on when you want to work, and on that basis, they’ll pay you. 

If you’ve got some free hours in your day, you can go for it. as it will work as your side income. There are certain requirements for that job and they are: – 

  • Minimum Age should be 21 Y.O 
  • You should have a U.S driver’s license 
  • You should have at least 1 year experience in driving.  
  • An eligible and good condition four door vehicle is required. 
  • Vehicle documents- Vehicle registration and insurance. 

VI.Refer and Earn

Refer and earn money

Nowadays, many online apps are providing this service. You’ve to refer someone to earn rewards and money, it could be your friends, relatives anyone. 

Many apps also offer cashback like Google Pay and Amazon. But you’ve been thinking it isn’t any income just 10-20 Bucks. No, my friend actually there is a larger picture in it- Affiliate Marketing. 

In affiliate marketing, you’ll refer someone some products in your Instagram post, blog or website. More the traffic, more the people will buy that stuff, and more money you can earn. 

VII.Sell your unwanted stuff for online and offline

There are many apps and websites which offer to buy and sell 2nd stuff online. You can log in to the site and sell your unwanted stuff in your house.  

Actually, this lifestyle is known as Minimalism, you can practice Minimalism, by creating a list of unwanted stuff and selling them online and offline. 

Not only you’ll make money out of it but it will help our planet also. By recycling things you’re throwing less trash out. 

VIII.Be a Survey Junkie

Be a Survey Junkie

There some website out there which offer money to participate in the survey. They just want insights of the public, answer their question honestly and they’ll pay for it. 

  • MindsPay 
  • Panda Research  
  • Cashback Research 



With the help of Craigslist, you can find jobs in your city. You can sell or service or Bid on somebody’s project matching your strength. And there you’ll find new opportunities on regular basis. 

But make sure to meet out at trafficked place to ensure your safety! 

X.Find a Room-Mate

If you are living alone in an apartment or have some extra rooms, you can go far as a room-mate. If you just find out the right person, you’ve got a good friend. Also, if you charge him or her $500-1000, it will be good for them also and you’ve created your extra savings. 

Many websites such as RoommatesRoommate match, and many others will help you finding a roommate according to your preference and lifestyle.  

XI.Start Consultancy

Consultancy Processional Picture

Consultancy is a most professional job; you can consult people if you’re an expert. If you’ve remained in any field and study that field, probably you’ve been knowing every aspect of that field then you can consult people, and charge them. 

For offline you can get an office or start your business with little investment in your house. Or you can look for an online option like making websites or YouTube videos.  

XII.Passive Income

Passive Income Example Scenario

There are two types of income, one is passive, and the second is active. Active income is where you’re involved in the process and in the passive income you aren’t involved in the process but stills make money. 

For example, if you are running an enterprise, you can get maximum profit by involving in things. But if you own a shop, and give it on rent, you’ll still earn but this time you weren’t involved in that process. 

So, your focus should be on creating more passive income. You can publish an e-book, rent out your property or start a website. These all are sources of passive income.  


Money Investing

Investment is a form of passive income but it’s the higher form, where you can’t just rent out and sleep. You’ve to put your brain work to avoid losses as a risk factor is also involved here. 

All the methods were mostly short-term but this one is for the long term. If you start investing in an early age, you’ll get the most of the profit in your old age. You don’t have to forcefully work at that age, you’ll have choice. 

You can invest in real estate, stocks, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, there are so many options available, you can decide according to your savings. And invest it for a better future! 


There are many ways to handle your finance intelligently, but people often get into a trap, and then soon they find themselves in debt. 

If you’ve read that article till here, you can easily create an extra income and pay off your debts. You just have to take actions in the right direction to make money quickly.

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