How long can you dispute a credit card charge

How long can you dispute a credit card charge?

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When you realize that there’s an error on your credit card, your mood gets upset, Because now you have to dispute and spend time resolving this. But do you know the government sets a timeframe? You can only dispute during this period. In this article, I’ll share how long you can dispute a credit card charge and different ways to dispute it. If you have been wrongfully charged, now you want a refund. Don’t worry; this article helps you greatly. The biggest benefits of credit cards are that they do not realize payment to merchants for a certain period, And if something goes wrong, you could immediately raise a dispute.

How long can you dispute a credit card charge?

The government only protects you from credit card charges for a certain time. In most countries, You have 60 days to raise a complaint about your credit card errors. Once, You have seen a fraud or incorrect statement; you should immediately dispute it. While you have the cushion of 60 days, It is recommended that you should dispute the same once you realize within 24 hours. Also, Go through your statement thoroughly. Many people don’t go into all the details and pay money for things that they have not to avail themselves.

Types of credit card disputes

There are two types of credit card disputes that you could encounter. 1) Error in Billing 2) Issues with purchases of goods and services, I’ll briefly tell you about both of them.

1) Error in Billing

Error in Billing is the most common source of credit card dispute. These charges include some services that you have canceled in the past, Or orders that never reached you. In this section only, You also report fraud or incorrect charges.

2) Issues with purchases of good and service

This is also a fairly common source of credit card dispute; here is your dispute for the quality of goods or service you have received. For example, you purchase a new washing machine, And that doesn’t work as expected. Also, the seller isn’t offering any help. In this case, you raise a dispute. Another example would be You called a technician to look at your TV. But he never showed up, But you have paid him the advance.

How to raise a dispute?

1) Check Your Statement

The very first thing you have to do is to go through your statement thoroughly. Check if you can find any more wrong charges other than the one that you find. Also, verify if the charges are incorrect with your spouse.

2) Get Your Documents in Order

If you have charged more than what you have been billed with, collect the invoice and other transactional statements and prepare them to dispute it with the credit card company.

3) Work with the merchant

Sometimes merchants make mistakes. You can email or call the merchant and talk about the charges, which may save you from a lot of hassle afterward.

4) Contact bank or card issuer

Once, You have followed through with all the above; Now you can contact your bank and card issuer and talk through your charges. They will raise a ticket for your dispute.

5) Response from the credit card company

After a dispute, the Credit card company can’t charge you that amount in your billing, nor can they take interest from you for that amount. According to law, the credit card company should acknowledge disputes within 30 days after you started. And the company also should resolve the dispute within 90 days, according to federal law.

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