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Does insurance cover stolen cars if the keys are left within the car?

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Insurance could be tricky at times, especially when it comes to vehicle or car insurance. You have to make sure that you have collision, comprehensive as well as liability cover. Here is all you need to know about how insurance will cover it if your car is stolen with the keys in it!

You are in your car going some shopping. And you stop at a restaurant or a store to get yourself a soft drink. You get out of your car and run into the restaurant. Then, you can come back quickly in under five minutes and you don’t see your car! You suddenly realize that you left the keys in the car! How embarrassed and terrified you will be?

It will be embarrassing and you will get terrifying thoughts as well. Because your negligence to leave the keys accelerated the theft. The car might still have been at the same place where you left it if you had taken your keys with you. Do you know what you need to do now? Perhaps you have already secured car insurance. You’ll be glad that this has been taken care of. But the real problem is that you don’t have your car keys. And this makes the theft look deliberate by you. Here is where things get tricky.

So can you apply for insurance coverage when your keys are gone with your stolen car? The answer is yes. But there are certain scenarios where the insurance company will refuse the claim. Here are a few things to keep in mind-

Make sure that you have comprehensive cover in your insurance. Only then the insurance will cover the stolen car even if the keys are left within.

While applying for insurance, make sure that your insurance has Liability, Collision as well as Comprehensive covers.

Liability cover will take care of all the expenses including injuries and damage to the car, in case you are at fault.

Collision coverage pays for all the damages to the car due to an accident no matter who is at fault.

While comprehensive cover will take care of other things such as vandalism, theft, fire, natural disaster, etc.

Will the insurance company pay if the car is stolen and keys within it?

The comprehensive cover will take care of the expenses even if your car is stolen with the keys within it.

But here is something that you should keep in mind. The insurance will not pay the complete amount for which you bought the car. Cars usually lose their value as time passes. The insurance company will pay the on-date market value of your car. They will estimate and will probably pay the maximum on-day market value.

What is insurance theft and what does it have to do when your car is stolen with keys within it?

Insurance theft is a crime when the owner of the car deliberately damages the car. He or she might set the car on fire. Or even pretend that the car has been stolen. There have been cases where people have been caught cheating on insurance companies. These people had to pay penalties and fines. This is a serious offense and affects the criminal record of the people.

If your car gets stolen and the keys are within it, you have to make sure to provide all details to the company. You have to agree to your mistake. And have to make sure that it doesn’t sound like theft on purpose. People have previously done theft on purpose for insurance money. Make sure to sound genuine.

The insurance company might still investigate before approving the claim. Again, the insurance company does not want to lose money. So them being suspicious is fine.

Can the insurance company refuse to pay if a car is stolen when keys are within?

Yes, the insurance company can refuse to pay you if they are sure. Or suspect that you are trying to fraud them. The insurance company can even file a case or lawsuit against you for trying to fraud with them. The insurance company might think that you deliberately left the keys inside the car. And left them in such a place where someone can take them away. This is ‘owner gave up’ or vehicle dumping.

Of course, In the vehicle dumping scenario, It is possible for the insurance company to deny your claim.

What things to keep in mind while applying for the claim when your car is stolen and keys where in it?

Make sure that you file an FIR at the nearest police station. And then you can take the FIR copy. This should be immediate and quick. Let your insurance company know about the theft. And provide information about your policy and other details. If you will be lucky, the police might be able to find the car If you are not too late and the thief is not clever enough.

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