11 Ways to get free clothes in 2021

11 Ways to get free clothes in 2022

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We are living in a world where clothes are symbols of royalty, fashion and, standards. That’s why in U.S alone a majority spent an average of $1,833/year on the latest trends in fashion. While the majority of people want to stay in trends, there are people who suffer from ‘Decision Fatigue this is a term used for people, who are procrastinating in their daily decision also- like what to buy and what to wear.

This term went viral when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered a question on his Facebook Q&A, about his clothing, why he prefers to wear same the t-shirt.

In this article, we’re presenting ‘11 Ways to get free clothes in 2021’, Influencers read till last.

Find out the 11 ways to get free clothes

1.Free Clothes from Social Media Like Instagram

Brands offer their clothes to social media influencers for free. If you’re active on social apps like on Instagram, Twitter or you’re a Fashion Youtuber and have loyal followers or subscribers, Brands might approach you or you can ask any brand for free clothing.

You’ve to Upload your photo in the clothes they provide you and Tag them. So, if you don’t have many followers, instead of paying you a fee, they might give you those clothes, for free. But if you can make this deal 10 times a year, you don’t have to buy clothes anymore.

2.Earn Referrals Point to get free clothing stuff

 This is a different type of business model altogether, you can earn some credit points by referring peoples, if you want to be in a larger picture learn affiliate marketing. An American company ‘Groupon’ follows this business model. Besides this, there are some websites also which can give you free clothes on earning a referring point:

Besides this, some top fashion sites like Myntra, Amazon, Shein, and Zara also give you some credit points. This credit point won’t give you free clothes, but it can make clothes extremely affordable.

3.Clothes Swaps

A Clothes swap is a real-life example of that popular meme, ‘Modern Problems, Requires Modern Solution’. This is a new and primitive source of gaining clothes from someone through the community. This has become huge due to social media. Here, people make a community page on social media (Facebook) and then try to understand the demand of that community.

So, for example, if I require a blazer and I’m ready to exchange my hoodie against it, I will fill in my requirement on the community page. If I find the match means if someone needs the hoodie and is ready to give up a blazer, I will own a blazer with no monetary cost involved.

4.Participate in Surveys

Earning some points by participating in surveys, can not only give you free clothes. but you can also earn from them. Many websites give you some point which can be later converted into real cash via PayPal. If you’ve some free time, you can utilize it by participating in these legit survey companies.

5.Get Paid by InboxDollars

This Point is connected with the previous one. If you don’t like to participate in a survey, but want to get paid by playing games and taking games. Inbox Dollar site is for you folks.

This site asks its member to participate in some tasks, and in return like the survey website they also give you some points, which can later be converted into cash via PayPal.

6.Participate in Giveaways

If you’re surfing the web for a while, you might know that many influencers, YouTubers, and brands offer free stuff to their members. They do this because they want to make more followers and have a good connection with their followers. Many clothing brands also do this, you have to participate in that giveaway as the giveaways have certain terms for participating.

Not only clothing brands or influencers but you can look for any brand and get some free stuff. If you’re participating in hundreds of surveys; probably you’ll win one or two of them. And in this way, you can have clothes for a year in one shot. Like, if you participated in an iPhone giveaway, you can sell them and can buy many branded clothes.

7.Free Clothing Centres

I don’t recommend this method but you’re someone who’s struggling with finance, or in a tragedy, you got a huge financial loss, you can use this method. There are some non-profit organizations, who offer free clothes for a needy one. Many of them are doing this for more than two decades. No Doubt they’re doing great work for humanity-

  • The Salvation Army
  • Community Clothes Closet
  • Operation Warm
  • Need Help Paying Bills

8.Get Free Stuff and Get Paid in Mail

You’ve received thousands of emails to date, all are trying to sell something and get the thing in your pocket (I’m talking about Money). but let me tell you this there are some sites that are offering money to do some tasks in mails.

InboxDollars We’ve talked about them before but there are offering $5 for signup and get paid by sharing your thoughts.

Vindale Research Give them your response on some product and services basically share your thought once again and can make up to $50.

These were some of the examples but if you surf the web, you’ll get many of them.

9.Be a Product Tester

To avoid mistakes and make their product perfect many big brands offer, product testing. You can be a Product Tester and keep their products with you, for weeks and months. You can also look at it as a career option, if you give them a proper and honest review and where to make a difference, you’ll get calls frequently.

Just look for these product testing programs.

10.A Long-Term Plan- Start Your Fashion Blog

Many of the methods here are focusing on the short term but this method of getting free clothes focuses on the long term. If you’ve some fashion knowledge and do some practical experiments in this, you can start your fashion blog.

Fashion blogs help you to get in contact with Fashion Industry, and later on, if your blogs are likable to the brands, they might give you the sponsorship. Or you can ask their products for a review.

In this way, you’ll also earn from blogs and it can help you to add some extra income to your pocket. You’ve to also understand the technical terms for this we are referring to this technical site- https://errorexpress.com

11.My Secret

I’m not using this method for getting free clothes but you can, like I said earlier it’s Affiliate Marketing. You can go to amazon and ask for an affiliate code, and then if anyone buys from your link of product, you’ll get some commission.

Not only in the U.S but worldwide internet celebs or sensation use this method to make an extra income. But you aren’t any internet celeb, so how you can do this, you can share that link with your friends and relative and tell them every time you buy something online tell me, and afterward, you can give your referral link. From this, you’ve some extra bucks, either it will make your clothes free or affordable!

The Conclusion

Clothes are an essential part of our modern lifestyle. Earlier clothes were used for surviving purposes but nowadays clothes are becoming a lifestyle. Many Practices like Minimalism and Frugal Lifestyle, are aiming to create a society where clothes aren’t showing your standards or people making judgment on that basis.

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