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How To Start A Medical Home Care Business: Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

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The medical home care business is one of the most demanded businesses in the western world. In this article, We’ll explore how to start a medical home care business. In the United States, it is estimated that people will live 10 years longer than what they are living today. This means that the amount of old people will increase dramatically in the coming time, And a lot of them would need help in their day-to-day life. These include medical help, general help, and traveling. The people who give these services are called caregivers, And in the case of medical home care, they are also called nurses.

Master The Skills Of How To Start A Medical Home Care Business And Be Successful

1) Setup A Business Plan

After deciding that you’ll create a medical home care business, You would need to create a business plan. Your business should include the basic details about your business, a summary in general. You should also define your goals and mission for your business in your plan. You can specify the types of service that you will offer through your company. Your initial marketing strategy, Pricing, and the profit-sharing ratio of your business. The business plan should explicitly mention the ownership of your business among the management team. You should also include the number of staff and equipment that you may require in your operations. And finally, Estimate the cash flow and the startup cost of your business.

2) Register Your Business

When you need to receive money from Medicare or insurance, Your business should be registered with your following state. And to do so you must follow all the guidelines and have their requirements met. Your medical home care business should be certified from your state and obtain a license for the same. Your business should also be incorporated as a legal entity through federal laws, You have to consult a CA, For registering your tax requirements and also register yourself with NPI. Some states might require more things for you to obtain the license, And others would satisfy the above.

3) Get Medicare Certification

Once you have registered yourself as a business entity. You can offer a home care business. But you can’t offer medical services, Inorder to give medical services you must obtain a license from  Medicare and Medicaid. Once, You have obtained the certifications. Now, You can give different medical services including health monitoring, nursing, physical therapy, etc. Getting a medical license is hard; And will require some patience, You can expect to get the certification in some months to even a year. You have to visit the CMS.GOV website; complete the survey. In some states, You may also have to give an exam for the same.

4) Hire Quality Staff

After doing all the legal work, You can turn your focus on the operation side of it. Hiring good staff can make or break your business; Because your business is providing services of care giving and people expect good service from caregivers. Hire staff who take care of themselves and provide a professional outlook of your business in front of your client. Hiring staff is not very hard. You can use job portals, social media, and dedicated agencies that provide quality employees. Do a thorough background check from their past and present, See their social media and online behavior.

5) How to bring clients

After your whole operation is in place, Now you can focus on bringing the clients into your business. Bringing new clients could be very hard or it can be do-able if done properly. A service-based business like a home care agency needs a lot of outreach to attract a new client. Here are a couple of ways that you can use to bring new customers.

1) Build a Strong Online Presence:

Create a Website, Hire an SEO agency, and Setup social media accounts for your business.

2) Google Local Business: 

Google allows you to list your business for free, Take use of the same, And register with google local service.

3) Create your USP and brand message:

If you want to grow in the long term create your own unique selling point. This can include exceptional service or low prices.

4) Physical Outreach:

Don’t put all your marketing resources on the internet, Remember your target audience is old people. So outreach to your local church, community event, and groups where there are old people hangout.

6) Manage Your Finances

Talk with a financial advisor and create a robust system for your business. Most payments for your services will come from Medicare and other insurance companies, And this process is long and takes time. In the meantime, You should have sufficient cash flow to run your business properly. The amount of receivables you have well determined, How much of the upcoming business that you could sustain. Proper invoicing allows you to pay salaries and other expenses in advance to avoid the shortfall in cash flow. Your company should always have enough funds to go through different expenses, And that the business owner can stay out of stress.

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