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Need To Know About Truck Accident Lawyer Corpus Christi

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All You Need To Know About Truck Accident Lawyer Corpus Christi

Of course, Accidents involving trucks are a major problem not just in our country, but throughout the world. This includes most commercial trucks which carry heavy materials. Tractor-trailer which is 18 wheelers weigh 10 times more than a normal sedan. It is so heavy that it is not easily controllable by truck drivers and it leads to trucking crashes.

A truck normally runs on a highway at speed. Also if the truck driver brakes, it can lead to a major accident. When a truck crashes, not only the trailer crashes. But along with it, many car accidents happen, which is a major concern.

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It should be compulsory that Truck drivers must go under a training program especially for the highways. Also, there is a rule with federal safety guidelines to do so. More than two lakh people from injuries from truck accidents which is a major issue. These truck accidents caused injuries and damages which resulted in huge medical bills and not to forget the pain and suffering of the person.

How dangerous can Truck Driving be in Corpus Christi?

If we see from a truck driver’s point of view, driving trucks is one of the most dangerous modes of transportation for a bunch of valid reasons. The huge size of a truck can be difficult for a commercial vehicle to control. And stopping the same is a huge task with loaded trucks.

Am I able to sue a semi-truck company after getting hit by one?

For those wondering if they can sue after a half truck collision, it mostly depends on the situation. In case of an accident due to the negligence of the lorry driver, you can definitely sue.

Are there ways to reduce truck accidents?

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The best way to reduce truck accidents is to train truck drivers. And get them ready for the highways which might reduce the accidents on the highways.

After getting hit by the trucks, many people seek help from law firms. You can always consult a truck accident attorney about your case. If in case you or any of your family members, friends are involved in a car accident by a truck, you definitely need a truck accident attorney who can lead the case on your side. Injuries caused in a truck accident may require major treatment and care. Truck accidents in Corpus Christi are very common.

If you imagine a truck accident, the probabilities are semi-trucks, eighteen-wheelers and tractor-trailers might come to your mind. These all come under commercial trucks. And all managed by trucking companies. It is said that an attorney can make a story or break a story, so it is depended upon the attorney how he settles your case.

If you were involved in an accident, you might be having a valid claim with a farm vehicle, RV or the company work truck.

Getting a claim against all these things is quite complex because it’s not a daily thing right? Also the driver of the vehicle, we must consider who is the owner of the vehicle and it’s under what laws.

18 Wheeler and Truck Crashing Facts:

  • In the year 2019, more than 5005 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes.
  • Over 510,000 truck accidents occur in the United States every year.
  • Most commercial trucks weigh more than 80,000 pounds

Most Common Injuries of a Truck Accident:

  • Back injuries.
  • Neck injuries.
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Fractures or maybe Broken Bones.

What to do in a situation of an accident with commercial trucks:

  • The first step is to go to the nearest hospital. An accident involving a truck can result in serious injuries.
  • Contacting your insurance company is not a good idea. The insurance company usually force you for a quick settlement. You should not do that.
  • You should protect your rights. If you have been involved in a truck accident, call a Corpus Christi truck lawyer.

Under the law, what is a large truck?

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Large trucks are the 18 wheelers and tractor-trailers that we commonly see on highways. Many large commercial trucks transport goods and materials to people and businesses. Trucks are also classified according to their weights. At least 10,000 pounds of weight is required for a truck to be categorized as large. Weights are also a factor in truck accidents. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) says when trucks size more than 26,000 pounds or heavier that involved in around 80% of highway accidents. Hence the weight of trucks is a major factor in accidents.

It’s not an easy task to deal with the insurance companies after the accident, especially when you try to do it yourself.   Most people don’t have experience doing so. Also, insurance companies try to pay as little as possible at the time of the claim of an accident. But the damages might be more if we compare from the claim of insurance companies the claim might not be enough for the owner. This is why accident lawyers in Corpus Christi have the experience to deal with the insurance company and get you the best claim. You might have to spend some money on the lawyer. But it is totally worth it if we see how insurance companies exploit their customers.

Trucking accidents might have multiple parties who are responsible for the accident:

Trucks accidents are different and unique from other vehicle accidents. There may be more than one person at fault for the accident, including the driver of the truck. Trucking companies are also responsible for the mishappenings there are more parties who might be responsible such as owners, truck manufacturers or spare part manufacturers and maybe the agencies who have hired the commercial carrier. These people somewhere share the faults for the truck accidents and ultimately it makes the case more complex.

The best way to ensure you get proper compensation after a Corpus Christi 18 wheeler accident though is to find out what caused the accident in the first place. Therefore, finding the at-fault party and assuring justice will require a quick investigation and resources.

There is no doubt that roads are a very dangerous place to drive on these days, and this also applies to passengers. The number of truckers has increased so much in the last decade. Increasing business is also responsible for this, because more business, more development leads to more products that need to reach the end customer and that takes place through these road transport mostly. The industries of trucks are almost one trillion dollars every year and the growth of trucks is very good.

Ultimately this means that more trucks lead to congestion on the highway and it creates danger for the drivers as well as other passengers on the highway, more truck leads to more accidents.


In the end, you should be very careful while being on the highways. Because there is no way to predict accidents. And you never know if the truck in front of you is going to crash. You should always be ready to call 911 and you should never panic in such a situation. I hope that Elon Musk would develop a self-driving truck one day just like Tesla that will ultimately reduce the number of accidents on the highways. Also, don’t forget to drive safe on the highways wear your seat belts and drive within the given speed limit. Happy journey!

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