How To Make Passive Income Without Any Investment In 2021

How To Make Passive Income Without Any Investment In 2022?

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In this article, We’ll look at the ways of how to make passive income. While income can be simply defined as revenue generated for some service or product. We can further categorize income into two, Active income and passive Income. Active income is simply income that needs the active participation of an individual to generate revenue, Ex – A salaried person, or a freelancer. Whereas a Passive Income needs the participation of an individual only once, Ex – A photographer, Application builder. Here, Once a person has created an application or has clicked a fabulous picture he can monetize his creation and generate revenue even when he is sleeping.

How to earn passive income, without investing any money?

We’ll explore some of the popular ways to make passive income.

Selling Ebooks

I know what you might be thinking, I am no writer, I can’t even write my byline! You don’t have to be Tolstoy, To put your thoughts in words. Writing is nothing but expressing your speech in a constructive manner that can be understood without any context. It’s like talking but being precise with wording and grammar.

You don’t have to write fiction to sell your ebook to millions, Though if you are able to put your words through a fiction story then you can gain some good following and solid dollars. But even if you don’t have the mind of Rowling, You can still create an ebook. Maybe you are good at Football Skills, Cryptography, Self Help, pin down your specialization and start writing about it.  And once you have written at least 40 – 50 pages, Share your ebook with your friends and professional proofreader. You can self-publish your book easily on websites like Kindle.

Selling Courses

Online courses offer passive income and are an excellent option. You only have to put in the good effort once, And then you can reap benefits even when you are asleep. The ideas for creating a course could be endless. You might have a good understanding of how an air propulsion engine works, or How to draw a cartoon character.

It doesn’t matter your specialization. What matters is that for every topic you will find people who want to attend online courses. With the help of websites like Udemy and Teachable, You could launch your course to millions of people.

Creating an Application

This one can be tricky. You may not have written a single line of code in your life, But you still can make passive income from applications. Developing an application is not the hard part, You can hire somebody to do that.

The trickier part here is the app should be popular among users and should serve a purpose for your users. Research on the App store about which app people are looking for, But are unable to find. Some app suggestions could be, An app that integrates all smart devices in your home in a single application.

Rent Things

Rent out things that you don’t use. People are usually lazy and that can cost them financially. There could be a number of things at your house currently that you can rent out now and make a passive side income. Some examples of this could be your gardening equipment, Your RV, and maybe your garbage tools. If you look around you’ll find things that can be rented out to others. Renting things doesn’t have to be hectic, You can simply create a Craigslist ad for your item and share your details. Interested individuals will contact you and can provide you with a streamlined income.

Start an Airbnb

Airbnb is a website that connects the host and traveler. While renting out your space could be a great source of passive income. Airbnb can be much more lucrative in terms of returns that you’ll earn through the website. Suppose you make $800 from rent, If you rent your space on Airbnb you make income for each day, not month. It is similar to a hotel. You can rent out your space for $80 a day on Airbnb and then you could make around $2400 per month. That’s a stark difference in revenue generated for the same property with the same duration.


Dropshipping simply refers to buying something cheap; And selling the same for higher prices. Many individuals have created multi-millions from this simple business model. They buy cheap stuff from China, import the item, Store the stuff in a third-party warehouse. They run ads on social media and they sell items at a higher price to their own country’s people. I know this may sound quite hard, Importing, Running ads, Selling. But the thing is it’s really simple. Websites like Alibaba let you import products for cheap just like shopping from amazon. Once you have the item in your country you can store it in a Third-Party warehouse-like Amazon FBA. That will deliver goods directly to your customers from their warehouses. Your only job here would be to run ads and generate income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but selling items to somebody through a third-party merchant and earning commission based on it. This is similar to MLM, But here you don’t have to add anybody to your list, It’s not like a pyramid scheme. You can sign up with websites like Amazon, Clickbank, and other products and create your own affiliate link. The affiliate link is specific to you. Whenever someone shops through your link the amazon or the merchant website will share a commission for that sale with you.

Create a Youtube Channel or Blog

Youtube Videos and Blogs can also serve as a passive source of income. Though at first, you have to invest a lot of time and energy in building these digital assets. But once you have established yourself, You could earn passive income from these sources. i.e, If you create a video in 2014 on youtube, You would have made money from that even in 2022. So investing your resources in these digital assets is worthwhile because you will make money from them even in the future.

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